Peter Oravetz

Virgin Atlantic




Virgin Atlantic was a lot of fun to work on—and we did everything from TV to ticket jackets. Virgin was just introducing Upper Class, and while they had been known as a budget airline, Upper Class put them into a whole different consideration set. From in-flight massages to limos to the Virgin Clubhouse, Virgin made travel both luxurious and fun— with an irreverent attitude that was a copywriter's dream. Here are a couple local campaigns as well as a gatefold that ran nationally.

NY Outdoor campaign.
New York and LA were particularly important gateways for Virgin, so we did outdoor in prominent areas in both cities. Here are some of the fun bus shelters we did in NY.
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Washington Launch.
When Virgin introduced service in Washington, we ran full-page ads in the Washington Post which lampooned the culture in DC. 
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National Magazine Gatefold.
The image on the left is how the gatefold would appear closed within the magazine's front cover.
The second image on the right is how it would appear once it was opened. 
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