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Broadreach sponsors educational trips for teens and young adults all over the world — from Fiji to Florence. They were in the middle of redesigning their website when I joined the project — and while IA was close to being locked down, there were differing points of view as to what the messaging should be. I suggested that in order to get messaging right that we start with a "brand manifesto."  I reviewed the competition and interviewed several of the stakeholders. I also looked for research about young peoples' motivation, and I found that while they are more driven than any previous generation, they also feel less in control of their lives than ever.

Based on this insight, I realized that Broadreach offered teens a way to take control of their lives, gaining experiences, certifications and college credits that would help them on their life's journey.  I wrote several versions of the manifesto and different theme lines  based on this strategy — including. the one they chose "Set Your Own Course."

As the website moves into development, I have been helping the Broadreach team craft their internal mission statement, identify key brand attributes and continue to refine the way they think about their brand.

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